Today I met…


Walter Johnson of McDowell County. He sells bee boxes and a few supplies. His grandson is working on becoming a master beekeeper.
His Website:

Notes from my encounter…

  • Says swarm season is about over in our area. (End of May).
  • He uses symbols on hives-says it helps prevent them from drifting towards the ends. Middle hives loose numbers and get weaker.
  • Leaves entrance reducers on all year long, helps defend against moths.
  • Shrinks hives down for winter, a big hive area is too hard to defend in winter.
  • Puts a solid screen with hole in it under the top screen. Prevents them from trying to propolis over it.
  • Uses “all natural mite control strips” in September. Says they really do the trick.
  • Saw a really cool paper mâché swarm trap…looked like a tree branch. He said it worked.
  • He said that beekeeping used to be simple. You got bees. You kept bees. You always for honey. They never died off like they do now.

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